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, whole different story. egor here is the tal tallest man in the united states. so today he traveled from miniapp police to massachusetts where a custom shoe fitting with rebox that he hopes will help him live a more normal life. this man has had 16 surgeries in 6 years to fix problems created by shoes that did not fit. hold shoes worn out so rebox is using specialize material custom pressure mounting equipment and high tech measuring tools to build shoes for egor. he just wants to be able to comfortably take his dog for a walk. >> near tragedy at elementary school turns into an amazing story. 6-year-old girl took what she learned on television to save her classmates life. george warren has more. >>reporter: it was just another tuesday in the cafeteria at this elementary school until the terrifying moment when 6-year-old girl started choking. >> i choked on an apple. it went down here. >>reporter: first grader anthony roy sat across the table and noticed the girl gasping for air. >> i just saw she was going. >>reporter: anthony alerted classmates and she was sitting next to
in the united states. here's jim avila. >> it's america favorite seafood. >> nice firm white flesh. beautiful. >>reporter: we eat more than 1 billion pounds a year. 4 pounds perfect person enough to fill the empire state building twice over. >> all over the mean you. >>reporter: chef brian only uses local gulf shrimp but here's what most americans don't know about the shrimp we eat. 90 percent of it what we get at the grocery store and in most restaurants in the u.s. is raised in small crowded pen on slim farms in far off country lick india, thailand and vietnam. and the big secret too often in shocking conditions that promote disease and expose them to chemicals. >> is he very crowded. a lot of disease problems for the farm end up using a lot of antibiotics and chemicals to keep the shrimp alive and grow them faster. >>reporter: we sent shoppers across the country buy 30 sample of imported shrimp. sure enough our lab test revealed illegal and harmful banned antibiotics in shrimp from 3 samples. >> about 10% of them showed evidence of pharmaceutical residue in the muscle tissue alone w
from the united states but from russia as well. so is this a turning point in the region? here's alex. >>reporter: death toll went up again today. united nations now says that 49 children were killed in this massacre. image appear to show that many of them were killed at close rang range. opposition activist in the village say that after an initial artillery and tank assault, the government backed thug went from house to house somewhating and stabbing. but the government says that these accusations are quota tsunami of lies. the un special envoy arrived in the capitol today saying he was shocked and horrified by these deaths. even russia one of syria clost ally has joined the rest of the un security council in condemning syria use of tank and heavy artillery. and that is important because the white house wants russia to go even farther and pressure syrian president assad to step aside. the death toll went up again today. united nations now that's 49 children were killed in that massacre. these graphic image appear to show that many were killed at close range. opposition acti
hill building has one of the most structureally advanced designs of any building in the united states. >> reenforceed by a metal is sub structure it is an early example of what is called performance based engineering. how well does it work? we are about to find out. >> the instruments carefully placed in the building are called acceleratorometers. >> they will silently measure the shaking whenever an earthquake occurs. >> the system is up and running and taking the building's pulse. >> reporter: the sensors mounted in boxes like this. they are kind of leak the accelerometers in your cell phone only much more expensive. >> it is moving about nearly one thousandth inch so that is high presix information we are getting. >> there are 72 placed at different corners on different floors of the 64 story building. they will let scientists create a 3d model of exactly how the building sways and flexes during a major seismic event. >> in an earthquake the building will have s like motion and then you need more sensors to track that s type motion. >> reporter: the data will advance the science of
in place in the united states may not be met in other countries. >>reporter: almost all airport also use bomb sniffing dog and random trace detection like swabbing hands and bag for explosive residue. security officials have been privately concerned that terrorists are constantly changing chemical used to create explosives. possibly beating the tactic. one thing that is clear is al qaeda remains focus on bringing down a u.s. plane. >> intelligence officials say this ace sobering reminder that al qaeda is hell bent on successful attack after 10 years of not being able to do so since 9/11. pierre thomas abc news washington. >>> a little girl is being treated after being malled by a pit bull. sky 7 hd caught the scene in concord near rose lane and tree boulevard. dog is a pit bull. girl just two years old. there you see the pit bulk removed from the home. girl is alive but has wounds o her face head and leg. she habs has been transported by helicopter to children hospital in oakland for treatment no. word on what led up to the attack in the family home. neighbor does say the dog is
county medical center psychiatric unit to napa state hospital when attacked a deputy, breaking his jaw. he is charged with murdering a man outside his berkeley hills home. he is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and mentally incompetent to stand trial. >>> late today the federal drug enforcement agency administration said it rounded up 19 suspects in a day long marijuana roundup. they are calling it operation disco dazed. they found 14 indoor growing operatns, confiscated 3600 plants and 96-pounds of processed marijuana valued at more than a million dollars on the streets. 36 weapons and a grenade launcher, a vehicle, five boats and $400,000 in cash. the investigation began last year when they started looking into truck trafficking at a business called grower's choice hydroponics in hayward and tracy. in you have been diligently working to raise your leveled good cholesterol you might be wasting your time. >>> i'm spence spence in the accuweather forecast center. we have drizzle in the bay area. i'll give you all the details in just a moment in my accuweather forecast. >>> thanks, is
sheriff if not most effective in the united states. >> reporter: mirkarimi sees his son each day by skype and i will show you tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. this ordeal has had a serious effect on the boy both emotionally and physically and i'll have a question for ileana that many people are asking. >> reporter: the big question that everybody wants to know is are you coming back to san francisco? >> a frank discussion from both ileana lopez and her husband coming up tonight at 11:00 on abc 7 news. >>> emotion on both sides very obvious. >> absolutely. >> we'll see you at 11:00. >>> a positive ending for members of a top bay area cycling team hoping to qualify for the summer olympics. the racing bikes were stolen in boise, idaho, on the eve of a premier women's cycling race. the bikes have been found and they are in good condition apparently. the team headed by former olympian linda jackson and includes four hopefuls for this summer's london game. an a elite group of cyclers. >>> in santa rosa police are looking for a driver who smashed into an apartment bedroom and took off. it happene
to the outside world for 40 years. >>reporter: that trip was just months after china and the united states normalize relations. >> one of the busiest water way in all of china. trade-in crease between our 2 country much cargo leave here from hang eye and end up in the port of san francisco. >>reporter: as trade in the pacific rim tack off david became the business reporter. then the growth of silicon valley he added high tech. >> after all economic engine that created so many jobs that was true back then 20 years ago and still true today. >>reporter: but david is not all business all the time. long before the food channel david was doing a feature called friday feast. st. >> definitely memorable. >>reporter: he pinch hit open the sports desk. even judged a song contest. when kivd started at kg o way back when the station advertised him as an outsider. but after 40 years he's now the ultimate bay area insider. and he's not ready to quit. >> if i can i really want to be like that ever ready battery bunny. just want to keep going on and on and on. >>reporter: you can david that's e
has him thinking london olympic but not for the united states. >> almost all of my family lives in israel. i visited there for about a month he have year or half month. since i was burn. almost like my home away from home. so i would be just as proud either way. >>reporter: he understand the chance of making the is israeli team far better than the u.s. squad. that's why this coming weekend european championship in hungry is his personal olympic trial. >> l top 12 in the championship and then them raced with phelps with and so we are hoping. >> never count him out. any mark he has been asked to did he's hit. >> that would be the best outcome. even if i go slowest leg on the relay last place i don't care. so great to go. >>reporter: in santa clare, mike, abc 7 sports. >>> stage 2. tour of the calf ended up lick stage 1. peter first across the finish line. started the tour california peddling 11:00 a.m. in the marina. 117 miles down the coast to santa cruz. involved in massive pile up over from a miles. big crash. injured his shoulder but he's okay. more problems
. would be bomber in the would be terror plot against the united states was a double agent working for the cia. >>> plus new pictures of the tsunami debris hitting west coast and specialize training that crews are getting to deal with it. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. say goodbye to the 90's. 90 degree temperatures that is. i'll have the cool l weather coming our way in just a moment. >> if i hit this. and drummer for the grateful dead bridges the gap between music and architecture. stay with us. architecture. stay with us. news at 9:00 continues he. >> new details tonight about the foiled plot to bomb a u.s. bound airliner out of the sky. turns ought the cia had al qaeda fooled from the very beginning. brian ross on the man who had the most dangerous undercover assignment imaginable. target was al qaeda in yemen. screen recruit for religious and idealogical purity somehow the spy agency were able to get someone in. >> quite accomplishment to be able to pass yourself off as al qaeda terrorist to a terrorist. in fact you are working for a u.s. or allied intel
to reject baa bomb pwartd bid because only 66 percent of the car component will be made in the united states. >>> microsoft bing search engine making big changes. company announced revision that is will tie it into the social networking world. new system will work with facebook and twitter with recommendation from friends and tweet relateed to search topic. bing is hoping the new format will help loosen google hold on the search mavrjt 6 billion dollar loss since debut in 2009. >>> bring it on. >> bing it on. very good. not bad. >> spencer here with catchy slogan and the weather. >> i should have copyrighted it. too late now. out there. >> once again. >> it's in the universe. live view from the mount tam camera looking on to the bay on mainly clear night. fog developing along the coast overnight but at the moment we are mainly clear and pretty mild speaking of mild how about today high pressure. high as 88 at ukiah. 87 at clover dale. 85 at antioch and livermore. warm weather all around even upper 70's and low 80's around the bay and 71 was the high here in san francisco and at thi
united states government could have found it if there was. >> this case especially stinks for investors because of the extravagant lifestyle he led with their money. he built it 80-acre estate where according to court documents he kept $6 million worth of antiques, art and jewelry and a classic car collection valued at $1.5 million. >> where are all the cars? jim, where are the 20 cars? >> lamb bore gee anies, cobras and the rest. >> he even bank rolled a horror movery. >> i like where you are going with us. >> he appeared in a trailer for the fill william his son and daughter. prosecutors said mcconville passed some of the money through his family members. even used his daughter as the sole name on various companies. they declined to speak as they left court. he recruited loan processors, espn espn co-officers and bank employees to be part of -- escrow processors and bank employees to be part of the scheme. you can see our report that led up to the sentencing at click where it says i-team. dan noyes, abc 7 news. >>> this is a busy wednesday night. a lot more to get to. coming
. >> by comparison the afternoon level of my openia between 20 and 30 percent and 40 percent here in the united states. staying in asia for just a second there. big breakthrough in the diplomatic stand off over a blind human rights activist in china. foreign ministry agreed to allow cheney to apply for a travel permit and study abroad. arrangement would give him much of what he wanted chance to live with family in safety and get a formal legal education. secretary of state hillary clinton is in beijing and says the case sets important precedent. >> it's about the human rights and aspiration of more than 1 bill people here in china and billions more around the world and it's about the future of this great nation and all nations. >> deal allows for washington and beijing to put aside a l huge human rights dispute to folk ounce the rivalry for global influence. >> when 7 news at 9 continues tonight. lack at the national jobs picture and the political implication of unemployment. >> legacy of ladders with san >> legacy of ladders with san francisco fire department >> when we build a ladder we t
you will see only from abc 7 news. >> reporter: the attack happened in the early evening in a unit usually filled with patients who have been committed by their families or through court ordered consehvatorships. hospital administrators released this statement saying only that a napa state hospital nursing employee was injured during an aggressive incident by patient. the patient was arrested. the staff member was treated at a local hospital. workers we spoke to say the patient became irritated and fought staff who were trying to calm him down. we were told that the employee suffered a serious leg injury which required surgery at a local hospital. several others were injured trying to subdue the patient. workers tell us security at napa state is still inadequate to deal with a growing population of violent patients many of whom are criminally insane. they say there have been some security enhancements but not enough to ensure safety of the staff. some say little has changed since the murder of psych tech donna gross almost two years ago a patient. the assaults have continued since
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14